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CAUTION! from June 22, 2007, the system of the numbers is modified by inversion: the figure on the left represents the unit. The number is read always from left to right, but one does not need more to have heard all the litany to know the significance of the pairs of figures. The pages will be modified gradually. One needs a little drive not to be mistaken in the written operations.


The Toki IO is a minimalist artificial language seeming toki pona. . It inherits the toki pona the general principle its grammar and its voluntary limitation of the number of words. It was subject to however the influence of Glosa language  and NSM theory.

The vocation of Toki IO is not to be used like auxiliary language, nor even really used like language. It acts primarily of a exercise of style where one seeks to be more precise than the toki pona and to express the numbers more freely, without increasing that of the words, in fact by reducing it. Toki IO is equipped with an arithmetic system bases some 2 able to express any number.

This language published for the first time Tuesday on November 7, 2006 does not have any known speaker. It is not very probable that it can be really spoken because of difficulties about memorizing about the vocabulary which, although limited, is composed of words which resemble each other too much (but there are certainly very gifted people).

To see hereafter, a point of view of the author on Toki IO.


The Toki IO have only 110 words.
The Toki IO use only four consonants : K N T S
The Toki IO use only two vowels : I and O ( it is the root of the name)

By using only words of two syllables with an alphabet of 4 consonants and 2 vowels, knowing that a syllable will possess at most only two letters:

  • or a vowel,
  • or in the order: consonant-vowel, we obtain 110 possibilities.

Toki IO can thus have no more than 110 simple terms. I represent the figure 1 and O represent the figure 0. As the mathematical system is in base 2 (Toki IO prefers to use of one machine to calculate) OI thus wants to say 2.

IO mean ~ "number"

Toki IO may be mean "talk number" or a seeming thing.



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